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Stanlio & Ollio

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Stanlio & Ollio (film)
Stanlio & Ollio (Stan & Ollie) is a 2018 film directed by Jon S. Baird.

The film, a film adaptation of the book Laurel & Hardy – The British Tours by ‘A.J.’ Marriot, [1] tells the story of the famous comic duo Stanlio and Ollio, played respectively by Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly, struggling with their 1953 tour.


In 1937, during the production of the film Children of the West, the comic couple Laurel and Hardy is at the peak of their success. However, the relationship between Laurel and Hal Roach, producer of the most famous titles, is very tense and at a breaking point. Stan believes the compensation is not up to the revenue generated by their films and, convinced that he can replicate success elsewhere, intends to threaten the termination of their contracts and propose with Oliver to another production company. Oliver is inclined towards a more accommodating position, and suggests limiting himself to request a retouching of their engagement. Roach, in addition to not being moved by his positions, intends to use a clause of Stan’s contract, which imposes a very high economic penalty due to the bad publicity caused to the studio by his turbulent private life; Laurel, in turn, makes no secret of her contempt for Roach because of his admiration for Benito Mussolini and his controversial business ties with the fascist regime, under the eye of the storm because of the use of chemical weapons in the War of Ethiopia.

At the end of the contract, Stan will negotiate a new one with 20th Century Fox for himself and Oliver; he, however, still bound by a binding individual contract with Roach, reluctantly decides to honor him, shooting a film (Zenobia) without his historical companion and will not appear at the appointment for the signing of the new contract.

They spend 16 years, the couple is aged and in poor health; they are both recovering from alcohol problems. Stan is diabetic, Oliver is visibly fattened and has problems with hypertension. Needing money and waiting to start filming a comedy film based on the story of Robin Hood (for which Stan works hard at the script), they accept a fallback theater tour in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The beginnings are discouraging: forced to lodgings not up to their previous fame, they find themselves acting in small theaters of second order for a small audience. Their star seems to have finally faded away and the tour is destined to an early conclusion, but their entrepreneur, Bernard Delfont, suggests some public appearances that will have their effect and, little by little, will generate interest and a constant increase of public at their shows.

Stan continues to work on the script for the Robin Hood film, but Harold J. Miffin, the producer, enters a stubborn silence and denies himself systematically on the phone. When the show arrives in London, home of its offices, it makes a surprise visit; after a long antechamber, he loses his patience and bursts into his studio, where the production secretary will inform him of the cancellation of the film due to lack of funds. Stan, although very disappointed, does not have the courage to report it to Oliver and continues to write and try the gags with him, as if nothing had happened.

In London the couple is also joined by their respective wives Ida and Lucille at the Savoy hotel. Two weeks of sold-out shows await them at the prestigious Lyceum Theater. After the debut evening a party is organized in which Stan and Oliver will be the protagonists of a dramatic discussion. Stan accuses Oliver of being lazy and lacking the talent to succeed on his own, and accuses him of the betrayal of the film shot years before without him. Oliver accuses Stan of being an empty person, obsessed with the creation of gags and screenplays for films, perpetually glued to his typewriter, and who never really appreciated it. The tension does not spare even the wives, in turn involved in a quarrel in the presence of the embarrassed manager and many guests at the party.

Although their friendship has reached its lowest point, the shows and public appearances continue, until the day in Worthing, while attending a beauty contest, Oliver has a heart attack. Rescue and carried by Stan to his room, he is forced to rest and is warned by the doctor to continue acting, at the risk of his life. At this point Oliver, disheartened, decides to announce his definitive retirement from the scene and expects an improvement in his condition that will allow him to return to the United States.

Delfont pressures Stan to continue the shows with Nobby Cook, a well-known British comedian of the time, as a shoulder. Stan is torn, he is persuaded to try the show but at the debut, with orchestral overture already begun, he gives up taking the stage out of respect for his friend.

At this point the tour would seem to be irretrievably compromised but Oliver does not resign himself to spending the rest of his life at rest. Unexpectedly, he shows up in Stan’s room and announces that he wants to continue. Their friendship is so reconstructed. On the ferry that takes them to Ireland, Stan finally finds the courage to confess the truth about the film

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